February 11-12, 2017

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What is BrickHack?


BrickHack ignites a weekend devoted to 400 designers and coders sinking 24 hours into learning, building, and creating unique projects. Mentors and industry representatives will also join the fray to lend expertise and share wisdom. Expect food, swag, and timeless brick-laden memories


What is a hackathon?

Great question! A hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon”. Anyone who has an interest in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build & share their creations over the course of a weekend in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You don’t have to be a programmer and you certainly don’t have to be majoring in CS.

MLH has a great list of related questions over at mlh.io/faq.

Are busses being provided?

Busses will be provided to a specific number of schools, based on interest. If you're interested in getting a bus to your school, reach out to [email protected]!

My question isn't answered here?

Fret not! Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or email.


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Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season