BrickHack is a multidisciplinary group of students who are passionate about running hackathons.

We love the challenge of organizing great events through careful planning, empathy, and a little bit of luck. Every year, we come together to organize several hackathon events for the students of RIT and beyond.

Join us!

To get involved, and for details on applying to our different teams, join our Discord!

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A hackathon is a “hacking marathon” in which teams or individuals have a specified time frame to create something from nothing. These events foster creative problem solving, teamwork, and innovative thinking skills.

Our flagship event is BrickHack, a yearly 24-hour hackathon. For more information about the BrickHack event, check out our events.

Nope! Having prior experience with hackathons is appreciated but not a requirement.

What you do with BrickHack will vary depending upon the team that you join.


We won't lie— putting on a yearly hackathon event takes quite a bit of work. However, we promote a flexible environment to allow our team members to balance being in the club with school and work.

The process of preparing, advertising, and running hackathons will develop your organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

Aside from the recruiting jargon, it can be really great to have a consistent project to work on throughout the year. Something you can put time into, and at the end be proud of what you've worked towards. (The résumé bump is nice too!)

We've got you covered.


ClayHack 2022 logo

ClayHack hackathon

September 16th

ClayHack is an 8-hour hackathon event for RIT freshmen! We hope to kickstart your first year of college with hands-on practice coding with your first college hackathon.

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BrickHack hackathon

Held each February

BrickHack is a 24-hour hackathon events that attracks 600+ hackers from around the world each year. Hackers work in teams to compete in different prize-awarded categories while learning new skills along the way. To learn more about this hackathon, check out the event's website!



We are currently recruiting for the following teams:

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The Logistics team is responsible for planning all events at our hackathons. They work to organize our hackathons' venues, schedules, swag, tech, accessibility, and more.

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The Sponsorship team is responsible for inquiring about new and maintaining existing relationships with the sponsors of our hackathon events. They work with our sponsors to schedule event talks and coordinate prize categories and swag at our hackathons.

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The Marketing team is responsible for advertising our hackathons and recruiting new club members. They handle any external communications via email, social media, posters, and more.

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The Design team is responsible for creating a consistent brand for BrickHack and our other hackathon events. They create graphic assets for our events' website, posters, emails, swag, and more.


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